An entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities.


A group of people working together toward common goals, often structured in a formal system


A record of financial transactions and balances associated with a specific entity.

Primary or Parent Account

The main account that may have subordinate accounts associated with it.


An account linked to and subordinate to a primary or parent account.

Virtual Account

An online representation of a traditional bank account, often used for specific purposes like online transactions.

Auto Settlement

Automatic processing and settlement of financial transactions without manual intervention.


A device used for processing electronic payments, often connected to point-of-sale systems.


A mechanism for real-time communication between systems, triggering events when certain actions occur.


An exchange or interaction, typically referring to a financial activity.

Credit/Debit Transaction

Financial transactions involving the addition (credit) or subtraction (debit) of funds.

IAM (Identity and Access Management)

Security framework for managing digital identities and controlling access to resources.

Access Token

A credential used to access specific resources, often obtained after successful authentication.

PED (Pin Entry Device)

A device used for securely entering personal identification numbers (PINs) in electronic transactions.