Nomba Checkout serves as a versatile payment gateway, empowering businesses to seamlessly accept payments from customers. This platform facilitates transactions through bank transfers or the use of local and international debit cards. Notably, it offers support for major card networks, including Mastercard, Visa, Verve and American Express. Businesses can leverage Nomba Checkout to enhance their payment processing capabilities, providing customers with a convenient and secure way to make transactions.

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How Nomba Checkout Works

In addition to its core functionality as a payment gateway, Nomba Checkout distinguishes itself by offering a robust API. This API empowers customers to build customized checkout payment links tailored to their specific needs. Businesses can leverage this feature to create a seamless and integrated payment experience for their customers. By utilizing the Nomba Checkout API, businesses gain the flexibility to adapt payment processes to their unique requirements, enhancing efficiency and providing a tailored payment solution for their customer base.

The provided diagram illustrates the sequence of events in a payment processing flow involving your customer, your application, and Nomba. This sequence ensures a secure and streamlined payment processing flow, demonstrating the interactions between the customer, app, and Nomba at various stages.

Nomba Checkout flow

The process begins with authentication, followed by the generation of a checkout link, and concludes with payment acceptance and transaction verification.


The process kicks off with your app communicating with Nomba to generate an access token by making a POST call to /auth/token/issue (Authentication). Upon successful authentication, the Nomba API will respond with a success message containing the access token.

Your app proceeds to generate a checkout link by making a POST call to /checkout/order (Create checkout order). The Nomba API responds with a success message containing the checkout link, which your app will display to the customer for them to make payment.

Payment Acceptance

The customer, using the checkout link, initiates the payment process, choosing to pay with a card or bank transfer. Nomba sends a webhook notification to your app, signaling the completion of the payment.


Pay with Card

Customers can make payments with their Mastercard, Visa or Verve cards.

Pay with card


Pay with Bank Transfer

Customers can initiate transfer payments to the displayed account number, triggering instant webhook notifications. A success response will also be presented to customers for a seamless experience.

Pay with bank transfer

Transaction Verification:

Your app processes the webhook notification and proceeds to verify the transaction by making a POST call to /transactions/accounts (Filter Transactions) on Nomba, using the transaction reference. The Nomba API responds with a success message containing transaction details.

Payment Receipt

Your app sends a payment receipt to the customer, completing the payment process.